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Production of plastic caps, bottles (containers) and packaging materials

The administration of the company having long experience in the field of water bottling and in the production of caps, in 2001 transferred its activities in Diavolitsi Messinia to a new factory.

The successful path of the company was prevented by the financial crisis that occurred in 2009. Nevertheless, the company, in response to the challenges, turned to the field of renewable Energy sources, managing to become the largest manufacturer of photovoltaic roof parks in Messinia and with more than 100 projects all over Peloponnese .Received TUV certification according to ISO 9001/2008 for all processes related to the installation and maintenance of its projects.

In 2015 ERGOPAK dynamically returns to the field of production of PET bottles and caps by launching the flip top stopper cap, displacing identical imported products from the Greek market. At the same time, it also launches production lines for Artesian water ANDANIA.

Today, ERGOPAK continues to develop its multidimensional activity producing wealth in the degraded area of ANO Messinia and investing to the future in new mechanical equipment and aiming to further reduce its ecological fingerprint.

Evolution since 2001
Establishment of the company in Diavolitsi Messinia with it's initial project being the production of caps and packaging materials
Unearthing our Artesian Water source
Investing turning towards the construction of photovoltaic parks and photovoltaic placed on roof tops
Patent Certificate for the 17.5 litre plastic tin designed to replace the tin container
Andania water goes on the market
Design and production of flip-top Caps
Design and production of our characteristic rectangular parallelepiped bottle
Introduction of new technology coolers for water in the Greek market

From the brining of 2011 we had the availability from TUV according to ISO 9001/2008 for what was required due to the installation and maintenance of our projects. Availability of its technology and experienced mechanics who provide the development and the research of RES.

  • Modern facilities, integrated control programs.
  • High quality Bottles (containers) and caps.
  • Conformity certification of QCERT ISO 2200: 2005 and 9001:2015
  • Specialized technical support for our customers
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Plastic Caps – Bottles – Packaging Materials
Photovoltaic systems
Andania Water

Ergopack, a pioneer since 2006, started studies and the design of photovoltaic installations. After training its staff, it continued its activity in the facilitie field since 2009. One and a half year later it had built more projects in Messinia prefecture and has new projects for the next few years, which guarantees its future presence in Greece in order to ensure the functionality of its projects.

…today our company specializes in the production and distribution of plastic caps, bottles and packaging materials, for which you can be informed on this website. With the same dedication and the know-how, it produces Andania bottled water and installs and maintains parks and renewable energy systems.

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Ergopack δοχεία PET - 17 lt -Πιστοποιητικό υποδείγματος χρησιμότητας
Ergopack - Πώματα - Καπάκια
Frequently Asked Questions

The material used is PET (polyterephthalic ethyl ester). It is a recyclable material and is the most suitable type of plastic for food and beverages.

For our caps we use polyethylene and polypropylene. Each batch of bottles and caps shall be accompanied with the necessary material quality certificates.

When there is paint, it is approved and certified. Each batch of bottles will be accompanied with the necessary quality certificates of the specific color.

For each of our products we can provide the design with its exact dimensions as required.

Our bottles and caps are suitable for storing food and beverages.

Yes, there is the possibility of printing logo based on customer’s requirements.

Our company has specialized technical staff which is available to the customer when any problem arises.

The bottles are packaged in disposable nylon measuring 80x60x180 cm, containing a quantity dependent on the volume of the bottle.

Our caps are packed in a double nylon bag within a carton.

Bottles should be stored indoors, dry without odors and at a temperature between 10°C and 30°C.

They should not be stored for more than 6 months and not be put into production earlier than 48 hours from the time of their production.

Our company has been certified by Q-CERT ISO 9001:2015 for the production and disposal of plastic caps, bottles and packaging materials, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic parks and renewable energy systems. It also holds Q-CERT ISO 22000:2005 for bottling and water disposal and implements HACCP system.

The production line is fully automated, and the production area is under pressured air of qualitatively tested air medium filters.

Quality in everything we do
Support for the local economy and society
Respect for the employee
Respect for the environment
Reliability and creditworthiness
Ergopack - Vassilis Charitsis
Vassilis Charitsis

Through constant development steps we aim for exports to occupy a significant share of our sales and to lead the Greek and European market with new products.