Diabolitsi, Messinia

Ergopack Εργοστάσιο Πώματα Φυάλες - Πιστοποίηση QCERT Caps Bottles ERGOPACK S.A. Certified production line by QCERT Ergopack - Πλαστικά Πώματα - Μπουκάλια - Εργοστάσιο Modern Production line Our Company Ergopack - Πλαστικά Πώματα - Μπουκάλια - Εργοστάσιο Fully automated PRODUCTION REQUEST QUOTE Ergopack-Μεσσηνία-Φωτοβολταϊκά-πάρκα Green Policy Our company compensates for the consumption of its electricity by producing a corresponding amount of green energy from its photovoltaic park mouse
Ergopack - Πλαστικά Πώματα - Μπουκάλια - Συσκευασίες
Certificate Ergopack QCERT ISO 22000
Certificate Ergopack QCERT ISO 9001

The administration of the company having long experience in the field of water bottling and in the production of caps, in 2001 transferred its activities in Diavolitsi Messinia to a new factory.

The successful path of the company was prevented by the financial crisis that occurred in 2009. Nevertheless, the company, in response to the challenges, turned to the field of renewable Energy sources, managing to become the largest manufacturer of photovoltaic roof parks in Messinia and with more than 100 projects all over Peloponnese .Received TUV certification according to ISO 9001/2008 for all processes related to the installation and maintenance of its projects.

In 2015 ERGOPAK dynamically returns to the field of production of PET bottles and caps by launching the flip top stopper cap, displacing identical imported products from the Greek market. At the same time, it also launches production lines for Artesian water ANDANIA.

Today, ERGOPAK continues to develop its multidimensional activity producing wealth in the degraded area of ANO Messinia and investing to the future in new mechanical equipment and aiming to further reduce its ecological fingerprint.



PET bottles of all types to protect what is valuable

From the most suitable material for food and beverage

From material that can be recycled


Variety of designs and sizes

Special packaging for olive oil 17,5 lt, designed by us in advance to replace the tin that was used for decades and received Utility model example certificate from Obi so it could replace Tin.

The most suitable packaging for foods with high viscosity (honey, ketchup, mustard, balsamic sauce)



Caps of many calibers for complete tightness.

The most suitable packaging for foods with high viscosity (honey, ketchup, mustard, balsamic sauce)

Easy outflow of the content

Flip top cap with silicone valve that prevents smearing and makes the product more elegant

Large cap surface that acts as a base and allows full use of the content

with internal aluminum membrane for airtight sealing

Our values

Quality in everything we do
Support for the local economy and society
Respect for the employee
Respect for the environment
Reliability and creditworthiness
Our products

Our containers and caps are made by the most suitable materials for food and beverages with the necessary quality certificates.

Ensure the best packaging for your product